I Will Someday


Dimatis - I Will Someday


After 5 months I'm excited to be back at making music! I've been thinking a lot about the direction of music I don't want to get stuck or behind so I'll probably try new things in the next songs but keep my "Dimatis" style. ❤ I want to thank everyone who continues listening to me on any platform commenting, liking, adding to playlists, and sharing my music, you all motivate me to keep doing what I love to and thanks to everyone who asked me through my socials how I was doing! And about this song, every song I make has a reason for being or a feeling attached to it about what I felt at that moment while making it, it's been a year since I met the nicest and most supportive and caring person I've ever met but we are really far from each other and we hope to get together someday soon, so this a classic Dimati's melodic dubstep style song with optimistic and hopeful vibes.

Release date
Nov 5, 2021