Dimatis - Choices


More Melodic Chillstep! The speech lyrics of this track come from a quote from a quest in one of my favorite games ever called Runescape, I liked what it says and how deep it is so I wanted to make a song highlighting this phrase, the voice isn't from the game, only the phrase but I thought it would fit well with a text-to-speech voice. In addition to the release, I'd like to announce that my logo has been refined, it was a tough decision to make after the previous one has represented my music and brand for 10 years but I think it was time for a little change, I wanted it to be as similar as possible to the old one so that it didn't feel off, but using the golden ratio to make it more harmonic and I think it looks great now. Hope you like the new music and the refined logo! 💙

Release date
Apr 23, 2024