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Eliézer Yizack Rangel Baysa, also known as Dimatis. He was born and raised in La Chorrera, Panama on June 15th, 1998. Begun in 2013 he made some songs, but on August 24th, 2014 he started uploading music on SoundCloud.

He is not studying any musical career. Currently, he is studying Computer and Systems Engineering at the Technological University of Panama but in his free time he loves listening to Melodic Dubstep songs and that is why he decided to make that kind of music.
Nowadays he is also in different genres like Chillstep, Future Bass, Chill, Chill Out, Ambient.

Dimatis is a mnemonic word to represent a syllogistic argument in the fourth figure. He decided to call himself like that because he had a class of logic about syllogisms in high school and that word he thought it would be good for an artist name.

Some artists who inspired him were: Au5, Blackmill, Collin McLoughlin, Crystal Skies, Illenium, Mendum, Said the Sky, Seven Lions, Skrux, T-Mass, Xilent and many others.