Hold On To Me

Dimatis & Bayza


This is different from my usual style, we like to try different genres together, this time we try some Future Bass with vocals. Hope you like it and if not, don't worry, more Melodic Dubstep songs are coming this year. 💖


Then you stop calling
I'm not used to
Hearing the sound
Of silence
Your lips have been silent
When did you
Get filled with doubt

Don't go thinking love is lost
We don't have to watch it fall
We can put back together our hearts

Don't be scared just take my hand
So much we can't understand
But we can't let this all fall apart

So easy to give it all up
When it gets a little tough
But just hold on
Hold on to me

Don't let go of what it was
You know you found the way
Just hold on
Hold on to me

Hold on to me

Hold on to me

Release date
Sep 25th, 2020